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The best realtors get the best rates.

At Chandler Crouch Realtors, we help our
customers find the best electricity plan for their new home.


With Energy Ogre's help, we can help you save between 25-40% on your monthly bills. Signup today with promo code CHANDLER,
you will get a free month of Energy Ogre service!

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Chandler Crouch Realtors has partnered with Energy Ogre

to help Texans get the right rate for their new home!

So, how does it work?

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How much could you save

with Energy Ogre?

Run their Savings Calculator to determine how much money you will save in the first year when you signup with Energy Ogre! 

Thousands of members members save nearly 40% and more than $1,000 annually by allowing Energy Ogre to shop for them! 

Do you have a

question for us?

If you have any questions for either Chandler Crouch Realtors or Energy Ogre, please give us a call at the following numbers below! We look forward to hearing from you!  

Chandler Crouch Realtors:  (817) 928-4300

Energy Ogre: (832) 975-1000

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