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Pool Pump Energy Efficiency

Savings Calculator

Learn How Much You Can Save!

Pool Pump and

Electricity Savings


Electricity Savings

This savings tool calculates how much money you would save by installing an energy-efficient variable speed pool pump while also signing up as an Energy Ogre member.

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This Partnership Benefits

the Homeowner!

Recently, Energy Ogre became an official partner of Pentair-licensed pool pump dealers. Both companies have a customer-centered interest in energy efficiency, so they combined their technology to create one powerful tool.

This savings calculator demonstrates how much money homeowners can save by integrating a variable speed pool pump and a cheaper electricity plan!

Just so you

The calculator tool can toggle between pool pump calculator and EO savings calculator. Once someone selects EO's calculator (Electricity savings), the pool pump input fields should disappear, AND the paragraph above should state the calculator is solely focused on electricity rate and not pumps.

Savings Calculator Explanation

The price of a new variable-speed pump can be paid for or nearly paid for entirely by the savings from an Energy Ogre membership. 

On average, members who signup with the Texas-based electricity management company save nearly 40% on their annual electricity expense.


With their revolutionary shopping platform, Energy Ogre is able to shop for its members, finding them the most cost-efficient plan regardless of season or temperature.

With the help of (insert company name _______), this calculator will demonstrate how much money you'll save with a new energy-efficient pool pump and best electricity plan in your area!

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