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Pool Pump Savings Calculator





Pool Pump Energy Efficiency  

Savings Calculator


Learn How Much You Can Save!

Pool Pump and Electricity Savings

Electricity Savings

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Recently, Energy Ogre became an official partner of Pentair-licensed pool pump dealers. Both companies have a customer-centered interest in energy efficiency, so they combined their technology to create one powerful tool.

This savings calculator demonstrates how much money homeowners can save by integrating a variable speed pool pump and a cheaper electricity plan!

Savings Calculator Explanation

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The price of a new variable-speed pump can be paid for or nearly paid for entirely by the savings from an Energy Ogre membership. 

On average, members who signup with the Texas-based electricity management company save nearly 40% on their annual electricity expense.


With their revolutionary shopping platform, Energy Ogre is able to shop for its members, finding them the most cost-efficient plan regardless of season or temperature.

With the help of (insert company name _______), this calculator will demonstrate how much money you'll save with a new energy-efficient pool pump and best electricity plan in your area!


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