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New York Giants Fullback & Energy Ogre Advocate

Cullen Gillaspia




What's up, guys? I'm Cullen Gillaspia, and I'm on a mission. Aside from winning a Super Bowl, my goal is to ensure no Texan overpays for electricity ever again. Thankfully, my new role with Energy Ogre has given me a platform to do so! With that said, I encourage you to learn more about what Energy Ogre does. You'll be amazed by how much money you can save by simplifying your life and becoming a member. 


Use my promo code, GILLY, when you sign up for one free month of service!



Energy Ogre is a Texas-based technology company that specializes in electricity management. Their members enjoy the convenience of saving time and effort while Energy Ogre does the shopping for them (don't worry, they even read the fine print). On average members pay 40% less than they are used to, which often exceeds $1,000 in annual savings. 

How Does Their Service Work? It's Simple!

Today, signing up could be the last electricity decision you'll ever have to make.


As a result, you will never overpay for electricity again!



Don't Just Take My Word For It!

FOX 4's Steve Noviello reports how families can cut their electric costs by finding the perfect plan with Energy Ogre.

Once they are are enrolled in the right plan, they will be able to save hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars each year. 


Run Free Savings Calculator Today!

How much could you save with Energy Ogre? Run their free Savings Calculator to find out!  

They've built this revolutionary platform to show you how much money you'll save before signing up with us!

How much could you save?
Let us show you!

Three Services in One!


We make data-driven decisions to find you the best plan that will save you the most money! Once we find it, we set up and do all the work for you!


We continually compare your rates against current market rates. If you'd save money by switching, we notify you there is a better plan available and we coordinate the switch on your behalf.


Before your contract  ends, we begin to search the market for a new, comparable rate (comparable rates depend on market conditions). We then seamlessly enroll you in another cost-efficient plan.


What Do Their Members Say About Them?

Here are some examples of Energy Ogre members who saved

thousands by letting them find their next electricity plan!


Jeff saved more than 60% on his annual electricity expenses with Energy Ogre. In the first year alone, he saved more than $3,000!


Mya needed help finding a suitable electricity contract. By signing up with Energy Ogre, she saved 57% on her annual bill. 


When she built her new home. Nickie enrolled in an overpriced contract. With Energy Ogre,

she cut her bills in half!

Electricity Shopping 101

Before consumers can successfully navigate the Texas electricity market, it's important to understand some basics. Even Energy Ogre members should learn the following information because knowing more means saving more!

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